My name is Emma..

I decided to start this blog because I think being LGBTQI is amazing and I don’t think we celebrate it enough. Sure, times can be really hard (and I will talk about my own hard times too) but usually fate finds it’s way of bringing things together and making us all feel happiness at some points in our lives.

It took me such a long time (years) to admit to myself that I am gay. I came up with 10001 excuses about why I wanted to avoid being alone with boys at all costs. Was I too shy? Was I too self conscious? I used to lie in bed and listen to music on my headphones (after secretly watching Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since u been gone’ video on my phone a couple of times on repeat…) wondering how I was ever going to get through life in an open and honest way? I suffered with anxiety for years and remember one spell where I just couldn’t stop the tears. I remember my mum asking what was wrong and why I was so upset and my response was that I just couldn’t ever imagine that I will be happy!

I spoke to friends, I matured and met new people and eventually I met someone. I had told very few people that I was gay at this point so it was a big deal for me to be in a new relationship and have to face ‘coming out’. Over the next few months, I did it. Told my Mum who struggled for a few days but has been incredible ever since, told my Geordie father who said he was ‘Over the moon, pet!’ and the rest of my family and friends.

That was 12 years ago now! Time went by and life experiences came and went. I have had a small number of relationships and now find myself engaged to my perfect woman! We own our home, I relocated to Brighton so we could live together here and one day bring our kids up in the coolest City in the UK (I’m open to challenge)!

In 2008, I had finished coming out to anyone who would listen, I felt accepted and I knew that I had overcome something big. So much so, I got this tattoo to celebrate:


It means happiness. Simple but in my eyes, the most important thing we should strive for!