A Real Page Turner

Juno who I think is a really great LGBT role model? I just want to whip it in to context for you, right form the inception of this blog …

Ok ok, you guessed – I wanna talk about Ellen Page. We often hail LGBT heroes who have been around for a while and really paved the way for the younger generation (Ellen DeGeneres, Ian McKellen, Elton John etc… the list goes on). What I love about Ellen P is that we have seen her journey. I am a similar age to Ellen and I feel as though we’ve travelled through this queer journey in similar stages. We all remember being strangely drawn to her in Juno but not reaaally understanding why… 😊

Since then, we have seen her awkwardly date men (fair play, we all tried it), come out extremely bravely and publicly and then develop in to a comfortable, open LGBT activist. She has also recently married a lady who she often simply refers to as ‘my love’. Nice!

Back to that coming out speech in 2014 – “I’m tired of lying by omission. I suffered for years because I was scared to be out. My sprit suffered, my mental health suffered and my relationships suffered”. I reckon lots of us could say that sentence and know it to be true of ourselves. I also know I couldn’t have said it for the first time in front of the world in Las Vegas! She was so brave. The fear and shakiness in her voice speaks volumes.

That nervous and brave human has gone on in the last four years to present a series called ‘Gaycation’ – where she and her best friend explore LGBT cultures in different locations around the world. They went to Brazil (the country with the highest LGBT murder rate!!) and to Jamaica (another extremely homophobic nation) amongst other less intimidating places. I remember seeing one episode where she sat with someone holding their hand while they came out to their own parents. Amazing!

Anyway – I sound like I’m trying to sell her next film or something! I’m not. And to be honest, I didn’t know just how much admiration I had for her until I started writing this. I’m pleased and proud to have been able to watch the journey of one of our best LGBT advocates. It’s pretty cool stuff an I bet she goes on to do some pretty awesome things.

I’d be interested to hear from you lot on who your favourite or most influential LGBT current advocates are. Are we entering in to a new generation with people like Olly Alexander, Mhairi Black, Adam Rippon and hey – maybe even Harry Styles?! Let me know yours! Does an LGBT influencer event need to be LGBT themselves? So many questions…


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